Updating G-Cubed

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Updating G-Cubed

G-Cubed is under active development and new versions of the model are released regularly.Updates can be to a specific G-Cubed model version and build or to the Python G-Cubed software that runs the model. These instructions specify how to do updates to both.

Before doing any updates, preserve your work by pushing all changes to the remote Github repository.

Save you latest work to Github

Note that you will be saving changes to the model itself, the SYM files, the data, the Python scripts and the simulation experiments. You cannot save your results to the Github repository because the files are too large. If you want to back any results up, download them directly to your own computer.

To save change to the model:

  1. Open the devcontainer (on Codespaces or on your own computer) in VS Code.

  2. Open a terminal prompt in VS Code and enter the commands, one at a time:

git config --global pull.rebase false
git pull
git add .
git commit -m "Description of the changes you are saving"
git push

The first of these commands should only need to be run once. It configures git to not rebase when pulling changes from a remote repository by default. That configuration is persisted so it does not need to be run every time.

Use a meaningful message when you do the commit.

Once your work is saved, the specific process for doing updates will depend upon how you are using G-Cubed.

Update scenarios