Quickstart running a model

Make sure your Python environment is properly set up and make sure that the gcubed Python package has been installed.

Download the ZIP file containing the teaching model from the navigation links on the left. Unzip the file into a directory of your choice.

Change directory to the root directory of the model. That directory contains the model’s configuration CSV file. The directory should contain an example Python script, run_example.py, that you can use to ensure that the gcubed package is working.

To execute your script from the command prompt, once your current directory is the one that contains the script, run:

python run_example.py

After a successful run, you should see results saved into a time-stamped results directory, e.g. results_{timestamp}. Now you can use G-Cubed Charts to examine your simulation results.

If you encounter some error saying Python is nowhere to be found, (assuming you already installed Python), check that your installation of the Python interpreter is not invoked with the command python3 or py instead. If it is, then use that command instead of python in the above command.