This module contains the SimulationLayerDefinition class.

It contains the metadata describing a specific simulation layer in an experiment.

class SimulationLayerDefinition(gcubed.base.Base):

Sets up and checks metadata about a simulation layer

SimulationLayerDefinition( sym_data: gcubed.sym_data.SymData, name: str, event_year: int, data_filename: str, description: str)


baseline_projections: The baseline projections that this simulation layer will be applied to.

name: the name of the simulation layer

event_year: YYYY format integer that is the year that the simulation layer details became known to the agents in the model.

filename: The full filename of the file containing the simulation layer data.

description: The text explanation of the simulation layer.

name: str
description: str
event_year: str
data_filename: str